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One little Bird invented Birdanity, a Creator’s space where we express light and life with pen, word, color, image and song. Openly allowing these ideas to form each day, we release stored up energy through medicine of word and this author’s voice that is write here and now. Stephanie is Birdanity, listening for the hum of life’s energetic flow until The End of hers.


Stephanie Bird


Saint Stephanie Bird is a gypsy of a skin that presently lives in California. SHe was born in a smallish farm town in Idaho, the youngest of four children. There’s a story about Steph and it’s all right here @Birdanity, one of many Bird zines that memorialize our human adventure to seek that which is “good” through image, vibration, whistle, song, poetry and story.

Want to know more?

Visit the Contact page and send this Bird a line or two, or read this whole messed up crazy site right here, as you wish. Whatever you are doing here now, thanks for reading. All readers are welcome.

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