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Birdanity is a noun, a verb and a vibration of healing. Each day our passion is to help individuals and leaders in industry, government, faith-based communities, healthcare, and education develop and nurture healthy connections through non-sexual Training & Touch.


What we do

Birdanity was founded on the principle that each mind and body matters. We offer individual and community training and touch services with a safe space agreement during our workshops and sessions. We offer an individual and group approach to stress relief through non-sexual touch, training, meditation, yoga and group activities. Our intension is to learn from and with you in a space filled with our own revelations. We do this using training, talking if needed, physical exercises, games, art, meditation, yoga and music. 

Qualifications & What to Expect

Please see the many Training and Touch pages of our site for more information on our services and what to expect. There are even PDF guides available here on the blog portion to assist you in understanding how to come prepared for each training or touch session. If you have any questions, give us a call. We are master certified educators, licensed professionals, practicing hands-on technicians and most importantly, learners just like you.




The word “Birdanity” 
is a mesh of Bird and Christianity, a word creation of Stephanie Bird through personal expression in The Art of the Release. Bird migrated to San Diego in early 2014 to take life less seriously, including learning to play the guitar, surf and laugh a whole lot more under the California sun.

After a lot of self-taught surf lessons and failing miserably to learn that guitar, Bird realized that many people in California still need support to succeed in the real world. With a passion for helping others do just that, Steph’s passion is community training to create connection, foster expression and improve community wellness.

We offer a unique approach to individuals and group training and touch, instilling the confidence necessary to make important life decisions. When it comes to Training, we even partner with both organizations to offer comprehensive and customized wellness programs. With this in mind, we believe that any training and touch program needs to be continuous, interactive, engaging and relevant to each individual in order to support any desired life’s changes.



Professionally, Steph Bird has 20+ years of experience supporting 300+ organizations and businesses across the country, including more than 200+ higher education institutions that supported millions of college age and K-12 students. As a director and leader in several industries, Bird’s skills have even been leveraged to develop company policy, process and even entire department and organizational structures. 

@Birdanity, Steph now leads a team of dedicated pros who spread the word about the need for improved laughter, communication and developing our connections. Our goal is to give individuals and teams the confidence necessary to make important life decisions.



~Birdanity Art~

1EA47263-1D0D-4BCA-9F06-DDBEFEC80F49Becoming an observer of the Birdanity Blog? Whomever you are, thanks for viewing and showing your support of Birdanity and our art in all it’s form. Outside of donations or training, you can also send us some social support through Instagram @Birdanity and other social media outlets including MeetUp, Facebook and LinkedIn.




IMG_6014Steph Bird (I) was born in a small farm town in Idaho and presently lives in Encinitas, California. Steph is the littlest “Sister” of four siblings who still love music as much as s:he does, including the Bible belt stuff, Coldplay, Willie Nelson and Pink.

Bird is gender fluid and identifies as “we/they/them” or “s:he/her” as a demi-sexual. Neutral is a catch-all category, which is not exclusively feminine or masculine‍ and is part of the greater LGBTQI community. S:he is a seeker, a traveler, nature-lover and teacher. She finds inspiration in the natural world and in our body’s amazing ability to both heal, and not oddly enough, to also severely injure itself. It’s Taoistic in balance.

Everyday, Steph empowers people to express themselves and listen IMG_6123to their minds and bodies, tuning into their innate wisdom. She is also a Reverend at the Universal Life Church and has completed thousands of hours of study in spiritual training and wellness, including certifications in counseling, reiki, nutrition, meditation and even personal finance. S:he’s been a counselor and teaching publicly since 2001, enjoying both learning from and educating people in the power of ~> NOW (whenever that is).

yoga_mojaBird’s always had an interest in art-filled expression, including natural alternatives to supplements, pills and medical doctors. Reiki introduced her to the concept of attunement and holistic health, which is about energetic healing and integrating the mind, body and spirit to achieve wholeness. Understanding her own experiences with chronic pain and food issues solidified a belief in alternative therapies, including singing meditation. This paved the way for her to become more proactive in supporting community health and well-being.

IMG_5539Now, Bird trains and teaches meditation and wellness programs in the U.S. and abroad. S:he believes it’s important to meet people where they are when we are able. That means delivering laughter, singing and meditation to the workplace, teaching modifications of spiritual practice to people with injuries, and demonstrating how ancient techniques still apply to a modern lifestyle.

If Bird’s not in the training or art studio, s:he’s probably cooking up healthy treats in the kitchen, trekking to the beach, pretending s:he knows how to surf, or blissing out with a sum of golden retriever(s) on a much needed walk to get the kinks out! Catch us in Leucadia next time or shoot Bird line at birdanity_gm!al (or something dislexicly weird like that contact address).


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If you need support right now, call 911 OR the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741.