A Community Safe Space

Birdanity works to provide a supportive, non-threatening environment to everyone in the community, especially those who don’t often feel welcome or represented in other spaces. Towards this end, Birdanity centers the needs and experiences to those who are sensitive, including those marginalized due to sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, (dis)ability, race, ethnicity, nationality, and/or age. To make this a safe space for everyone, and especially those who are sensitive, we ask you to participate in the following community guidelines:

1. Put community first.

Birdanity is a space where we expect visitors to take into account the needs and comfort levels of others, and not just prioritize our own experiences or points-of-view. We believe that community is about communication, treating each other respectfully, caring for one another, and holding each other up.

2. Use Inclusive Language

Avoid language that is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, nativist, or ableist. Avoid making assumptions about others, and respect everyone’s names, gender pronouns, expressed identities, and experiences whenever possible. Ask questions respectfully, and understand that no one is required to share information about their identities or experience(s).

3. Only touch with consent.

If you want a hug, high-five, or even a handshake, ask for consent first. Never touch someone else’s body without making sure it is okay. Keep in mind that consent can change and be revoked at any time — if you are unsure if something is okay, ask!

4. Ask for consent when sharing private information or taking photos and video.

Personal information shared within Birdanity is not meant to be shared with others, unless you are given explicit permission to do so and request to be included in someone else’s art or social media presence. Similarly, please refrain from taking group or individual photos or video without first seeking consent from those involved.

5. Use content warnings.

In order to ensure the safety of our space we ask that any art, poetry submissions, and performances come with a content description in advance of the event or performance. We seek to provide trauma informed events that are mindful of the various traumas that often impact members of the marginalized communities we strive to serve. Content descriptions allow the audience to make an informed decision whether they wish to attend and/or participate and to evaluate if the event is appropriate for children and minors.

6. Use substances responsibly.

We ask that all visitors to Birdanity use personal supplements and substances responsibly and to come to any community engagement with an open heart and mind. Our goal is to foster a community of consent and maintain a safe environment. Supplements and products are not be available for purchase on the premises, though fragrant smells on site may include essential oils and other healing products.

7. Be open to accountability and receptive to feedback.

Be prepared to be called out or called on for language or actions that make someone else in the space uncomfortable. Hear them out and consider their perspective — especially if these members of the community belong to marginalized groups. Try to learn from your mistakes, be humble, and avoid these behaviors in the future.

8. Keep the community accessible.

Be mindful of accessibility when hosting events in the space, allowing adequate space for any needs. We suggest you reach out to participants in advance to find out what is needed to make the event accessible, and make sure participants are aware of any accessibility issues in advance. Contact Steph Bird at (760)420-5855 if you have questions about accessibility or need any resources.

9. No Guns.

Under no circumstances can guns be brought into the community space. We do not allow violent threats. Please consult California law regarding weapons that may be concealed and carried upon the person for self defense.

10. Use Conflict Resolution and Transformative Justice Whenever Possible.

If a visitor to Birdanity violates our safe space agreement, please reach out to Birdanity staff for help. We use conflict resolution and transformative justice methods whenever possible. We will only call the police in times of medical emergency or imminent threat of physical harm, as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. If police are called, everyone in the space must be notified in advance and given the opportunity to exit the space if needed. Please contact Steph Bird with any urgent concerns at (760)420-5855.