If you follow this flock of Birds you will go no further than this Bird can fly. But if you find your own flight, you will find yourself in places this Bird has been before again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Again? yes, ~ (and no […]

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Showering@night: May the work that I do every Single day&today be the work I released from this heart, soul and mind(s) even as I shower in the surfy surfy near seaweed gravel in leucuadiArt or wherever the heavens this is that I wandered to: next? the land of milk & Honey? ~ Cheers to: forgetting […]

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Bills To: Live By

To:Life Medical bills keep rolling in. And I’m so deep in debt, I can’t keep my head StraighT. And that’s just the way it is around here where I need: NOTHING from you, but to simply die with peace of mind. That I told you I was hurting too: and I tried to love you […]

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MY Calling

Hi. This is me calling. How are you? Whoever said every conversation needed to be of “Good Report” from a Teacher who is calling was wrong. I get to write be right, in fact, about time. And how it wasn’t well spent on thinking about father figures anymore. That’s the lesson today from this Teacher. STOP THINKING […]

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moon we have this BIG round house + the thing i wish any friend of mind would remember is that i thank god when i remember everyOne of You ~ sun

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Dear MaNdaD, the fact is, (i’m still mad) Nthere’s a story in my head about WHO you told me to be. “Stop _______!” you2told me to “STOP ______!” which is exactly what everyone does when they are dead. And you2owe me One real apology for being a parent to #me too again and again? And […]

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m@ernal m@erial

eternal? m@terial The thing is we had to stop being both parents to EVEryOne in our heads before we could start loving the Child: inside <REPEAT> <repeat> >repeat<

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to: Wanderers

waking to wander i fear being the teacher i was from the beginning and in my dreams, you were there. forgiving me, then loving me for a lifetime. but i am not worth a lifetime of love. i am worth a lifetime of suffering for love. lovingly picking mySelf up again and again. failure after […]

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