Writing feels like a whisper. A whisper to the Self. Today that whisper inside keeps confirming that these whispers are worth releasing. There is an art form in the whisper. Whispering like this, I disappointment some days. Learning to love this whisper even means appreciating the rejection I can feel when others express their love […]

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Like many birds before me, I am a healer and a survivor of sexual abuse. Up until my early 20’s, the memories of a childhood sexual abuse were pretty distinct, like dark shadows in my life, with painful definition and clarity. Many years before that, in darkness and feeling betrayed, it felt like my spirit […]

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I CONsulted with the head Doctor, the head Nurse, the head Bird, ya know THEE nurse! SHe gifted Ze with an EVEryday Life of VACATION! _From_Public_VIEW_, sorry? public, I’m OUT! I’m out on VACATION!!! and I will not be checking all the CellS Phones? nor their power SANTA Claws for LIGHTS nor SLEEP in their […]

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