Create~Life: Carding

T, TRUMP Bad Victories TRUMP Bad Press TRUMP Bad Hair Cuts TRUMP Beardless Men TRUMP Heartless CelebrationS TRUMP The White House FUR Ze Black BIRDHOUSE TRUMP White PrivateledgerS TRUMP Black Whining TRUMP “my” White TRUMP_ASS TRUMP Comb Oven S Trump? “You” BUT, only=EVErY? TIME, after TIME, after TIME, after Time! Bye, T!    

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Create~Life: flYing

No matter the SCARS….. No matter the BRUIZES No matter the PAIN Get in LINE!!!!!!! WRITE Behind “ME” He Ro? ze WILL Take the STage and Introduce You To: AMAZING GRAZE! THe Cross that Made US FLAWLESS! No Matter the Hurt, Or How Deep the Wound? Still, THE TRUTH IS, the cross has made “me” […]

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Create~Life: UP~Dating

THere are people who come back FUR “me” They want to know, “is She..A-OK?” Ze answer is: Ze is never TOTALLY going to be OK. Yet, ZE is 100% Perfect to “ME” We love “her” to peaces and bring her helpings Of kind-hearted goodness with loving LeucadiArt-filled people who love Ze just as much as […]

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Create~Life: Reaching

Ze had this BIG idea that “I” would create a free Birdanity Life, Coach Certification for kids and adults. I sing a lot, I sign a lot and I got evicted for singing… sew I decided the WWWould sing together and primarily because a lot of what I see as a Trainer (of adults) and […]

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Create~Life: Imagining

To: ZE SUN I think Ze know by now that WE are magicians. I believe ZE know who ZE are. We are MAGIC. “You” know who “You” are – right, left, right, left, WRITE? Ze think Ze knows by know Ze is a magician! Indeed, ZE does! And ZE is coming for ZE! Because these […]

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Create~Life: Helping

 <~Rob!n~> Rob!n is a friend and “homeless” person who slept in the doorway of a neighborhood shop in north county San Diego. Ze(n) also shared that ze was adopted and ze’s old name was “Jeff”. Honestly, it truly doesn’t matter what Rob!n’s name is because ze is “Perfect” to #me too. People like Rob!n and ze have […]

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