94262864-CC39-4BC3-9990-234AE74471B4This year, Birdanity will host community training opportunities and non-sexual, non-commercialized alternative to SD Pride. One of those events happens on (my birthday) Saturday, August 4th from 8 to 9:30 p.m. This one is simple and includes a bit of singing, meditation and yoga.

Birdanity’s upcoming community training, meditation, yoga sessions and art shows will also center on a monthly theme, plus an “open-mic” component to share stories, poetry and more. Next month’s art show will be Black August, in support of Black Lives Matter, a national organization which focuses on issues of diversity and equality.

Our planned September art show—which kicks off another AlternaPride (or in our case, “zeropride”) weekend where we will celebrate gay happiness and of course, including the LGBTQI community for some weekend we want to title Queer Joy, Part Deux.

For more information or to be included in the events, please navigate to the Events page and/or contact Steph Bird directly at birdanity_gmail.


Birdanity Events

North San Diego

Singing meditation

Date: Saturday August 4, 2018 @ 8pm
Details: Glen Park in Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Bring: A song, a smile and if you like, a yoga mat. Since it’s a birthday night, a few of us will also wander to the Kraken after the park and to enjoy dancing and a game or two of pool in Cardiff.

Singing Meditation <~ This member-based community group is for anyone who is wanting to take life less seriously, while having fun with their spiritual practice and meeting like-minded friends. Singing and laughter meditation are the simplest and most powerful forms of meditation. There are three parts to the Meditation: singing, unconditional laughter (we don’t need a reason to laugh!) and silence.

The singing and laughter causes a huge cathartic release that easily empties the contents of your mind, which allows you to plunge more deeply into the silence that follows. The end result of this joyful chemistry is what Stephan:ie often refers to as the feeling of being a “connection”. You feel more euphoric, elated, cleansed, alive and tuned in to who you are.

Describing singing and laughter meditation really doesn’t do it justice–it sounds simple or even radical to many people. It’s something you just have to experience to understand the immense power and fun of it. No singing, meditation or even laughter experience is necessary to take part. Beginners and meditators of all backgrounds are welcome.


Brown Building Events

South San Diego

The Brown Building is a queer friendly community space in City Heights, San Diego. They hold monthly community art shows, writing workshops, and so much more! The Brown Building may be able to host your event, too. Contact the Brown Building to find out more information and to get involved in South San Diego! Some upcoming events include:

Not in San Diego?

Feling a Hard time? Grab a ‘Say Hello’ Mentos (and come join Us!)

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