Sliding Scale

Birdanity offers public speaking engagements and community training, including 1:1 life coaching and support for kids, aliens, AI, spirit(s), adults, career, finances, academia, laughter and meditation.


project-based: $50/hr
editorial content: $60/hr
video & audio prod: $80/hr
graphic design: $80/hr
IT programming & dev: $100/hr
facilitation: $100 – 300/hr
1:1 council: $200 – 300/hr
public-speaking: $400/hr
ART: market value/hr


BirdanitY is a training space, art gallery and scientific case for spirituality. Filled with humor, research, startling discoveries, and the breathtaking ideas of a Bird and some of today’s most innovative yogis, artists, thinkers and feelers. It is an invaluable resource for exploring the mysteries of the quantum age – and what this new science of spirituality will mean for your life.

Art + Math + Money +/= Life?

Someday soon, we hope money, “isn’t an issue” as we use new methods of science to examine spiritual practices such as writing, scribing, transcribing, meditation, yoga, and energy healing. When we do these activities, not only do we see evidence for the tangible benefits of the “technologies of the mind,” we also begin to illuminate the missing links in our understanding of evolution, physics, mathematics, art, form and our role in the universe.

Market Value = Art Work?

When donating for art, including non-profit artwork, note that the donor is not required to get a qualified appraisal for donations of $5,000 or less. While it would still be beneficial to do so for documentation purposes, the donor may use less costly methods for determining fair market value of the artwork.

Generally, organizations are required by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to keep such assets held at fair market value for book purposes, but valuation information will also be helpful if the item is given away at a raffle, for example. If the donor is unwilling or unable to provide fair market value information to your organization, enlist the help of an appraiser or use alternative methods to value the asset. This generally means surveying the market price of recently sold similar artwork.