Mission Statement


~Spencer Beals

by: a Scribe


Have been among the most dynamic and successful ministers in all demoninations, but in divinity school, Stephanie Bird discovered that some of the best and brightest of them were having trouble, and even leaving the church altogether.

What was happening? To find out, Stephanie researched and interviewed the lives of male and female ministers, monks, dancers, business owners, executives, counselors, psychics and artists alike.  Men and women of various ages and races in a range of communities, families, and churches – then s/he emerged with a portrait of what it’s like to Lead as a person of Faith today.

Faith as one man and woman. Filled with humor, heartbreak, and triumph, Steph’s story takes her from a call to the pulpit through ordinations and service. Despite resistance – conscious or not – to reimagining life coaching, community counseling and ministry as a role for anyone. And, Steph’s work has been achieving remarkable transformations.

In an inspiring determination to perform the creative, life-giving work to which each are called, “Bird” illuminates a way that life can change, embracing what each human offers. What’s at stake for Us is nothing less than the future of what it is to be human.

p.s. any final statements before You go, Human?


i was…


Back in 1980

When i started

in the beginning,

God? created


Stephanie MarY Bird.

[aka, “Stephan” (if i was a boy)]

aka, “StephY” (if i was a girl)

aka, One huMan

aka, Selah)

Stephanie is my organic name, my original name and I was born a woman (and a force with which to be reconciled). Wherever “I” am headed with these sentences, the way I see the world, you may want to be with me in that world too. You may even want to read Birdanity and this statement of faith that the world, this Earth We live in, is a cherished place.

Do you agree?


Birdanity is also a world statement by a community of artists. It’s a Master’s art gallery, a personal mission, a doctrine, a religion, a sovereign space, a faith, a spiritual quest, a non-profit, a for-profit, and one dissertation as a real-life word Doctor. It’s weird, but it’s confident about that word (and the world). It’s open-source statements from “Steph”, the woman you might know who is right here and now, making a faith-filled statement that I love You (though not everyOne is “my style“).

Encouraging Comments (and Weird Referrals?)

Lately, my style is a statement that has a lot to do with human names, this concept of gender neutrality, and my personal belief in the possibility that both man and woman reside in “me”. I’m just one person = indeed. I am also One who was born a wo/man.  One who believes I have a God inside me, one that entered me by way of “salvation” and my personal belief in a male version of God by way of Jesus for the first 20’ish years of my life.


In this way, Jesus is from Idaho because He is omnipresent too. Simply making it possible that Jesus is with “me” and “you” right now. “He” is right there in that picture you see of “she”. That’s Jesus hand, Jesus phone, that’s Jesus’ bumper sticker, and His stupid selfie. A silly picture that stole my soul perhaps, but without a factor of time, is it?


When we discover how extraordinary we really are, when we step into being Jesus to the world, that’s a pretty incredible mission to state. It’s prophetic, it’s healing, it’s love, it’s beautiful, even though it sometimes feels lonely.

It could be lonely as hell, or lovely as heaven, either way I am on a mission to stay in heaven in my head. And, I am on a mission to heal the world too, why not?

I am on that mission now, I travel sometimes to be a part of other people’s missions and this was my final statement. This is how I started back in 1987 when I began creating art in my diaries, then started releasing it to the world @Birdanity.com where you just read my little diary and today’s…