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Birdanity began in approx. 2013 through an academic and professional career in Phoenix, AZ, which migrated into “classy” San Diego, California in early 2014. Along with many family, friends and professionals who have worked in the industry for many years, Steph Bird realized that many people need additional personal support to succeed in the real world. With a passion for helping others succeed, Birdanity is presently focused on training to foster expression and improve community wellness.

Birdanity offers a unique approach to training individuals and groups, instilling the confidence necessary to make important life decisions. We partner with individuals and organizations to offer a comprehensive and customized wellness program. With this in mind, we believe that any training needs to be continuous, interactive, engaging and relevant to each individual in order to support any desired life’s changes.


Bird, Steph

Bird has more than 20 years of experience supporting 300+ organizations and businesses across the country, including more than 200+ higher education institutions that supported millions of college age and K-12 students. As an organizational leader in several industries, Bird’s skills have been leveraged to develop company policy, process and even entire department and organizational structures.

@Birdanity, Steph now leads a team of dedicated pros who spread the word about the need for improved community. Our goal is to give individuals and teams the confidence necessary to make important life decisions.

Bird was born in a small farm town in Idaho and presently lives in Encinitas, California. Steph is the littlest “Sister” of four siblings who still love music (almost) as much as s:he does, including the Bible belt stuff. Steph Bird identifies as gender neutral and is part of the LGBTQI community. For Bird, neutral is a catch-all category and is not exclusively feminine or masculine‍. There is even a story to tell about family and the fluidity of pride that remains available through our art ~> and that’s what Birdanity is all about, write? Art!


Birdanity Art

Becoming a daily observer of Birdanity Art? Please consider supporting Birdanity, we need people like you to support us. Writing is art and as an observer of my own, I understand it is entirely possible to spend a year’s “Art” or “Book” budget on me, especially if you’re someone who wants to view or read all the anthologies that BirdAnitY releases. I realize and fully understand there has been a lot to read (and a lot to write), and that many of you have read a story that no longer exists in these halls. Whomever you are, thanks for reading and showing your support of this daily Birdanity blog and “art form”.

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