CopyWriteIT, i say,

ART? Write your own, or You can have all of this ~>ITechnologY. When/if BirdAnitY is all gone, I will make up a new word and better yet, a symbol like Prince~>$S. The beauty of any work we do is that we can do IT again and again and again and again: to,morrow? TOMorrow, and will You LOVE <me> again tomorrow?

To be honest <~before i go on, i want to pivot slightly and put out a UNIVERSAL health notice HERE about using less disposable products <or not>. No pressure truly, but look around. If you see a piece of trash, pick it up <if you are annoyed> and ask yourself how long it will take to <decompose>. Then ask yourself how long it would take to >wash and give it away<. Find <some use for IT>, or >pickUPtrash<.

NOW that’s off my chest ~> Tomorrow is when I will be seeing Rob!n again. T0:Morrow is also when we are going to figure out the route and possibly a train schedule to get from Cardiff to North Park <CA> on Thursday to see a shaman >”Nick Strongbear”<.


True story, I’ve been seeing shaman Nick ON/OFF for several months now and just a few weeks ago he wrote,

“You have been healed of all afflictions and wounds that you have carried in all states of being. You are blessed!” ~Nick Strongbear

When Nick write<s> things like this, i cry to read them because it’s Nick’s ART. Often I cry when i see Nick, and not just because a silly yogi who referred me to him also said, “get some help, and I’m not IT!” i also cry because i have been crying around people like Nick my whole life. Also, i have been crying my whole life, so no offense to Nick that i laughing meditate around people. ITs SO weird!



Regarding Day#Two with Rob!n, today he drew me the picture above. I gave it a name. THis was the first word that came to mind when i was adding the digital identification of Rob!n;s work today, so I’m not sure it’s write, but i gave it the old college TrY.

We spent a lot of time here in Cardiff in Glen Park working on ART. Rob!n mostly worked on art in his head while he talked, and i did it with colored pencils, markers, stickers, and fingers when i digitally painted some words on there and posted that sh!t on Instagram. That also got done while Rob!n slept in the cool shade under a tree on a sleeping bag we co-own.

Rob!n? He’s probably the best colleague I’ve had in the last 72 hours. We can argue about stuff, move on within minutes and let it go. Continuing to HOLDĀ out hope that other people will understand, then leave us alOne and/or be kind.

Leos…Us fire signs often feel a bit like a male wild animal (lion) of sorts, watching over the pride while it needs afternoon naps. Making it again, another perfect day to be working with Rob!n on Day#Two of whatever this is called<a Self-induced SABATICAL?!?>