Here i gOooo…

Creating things? I.t.s healing to me. It’s white and blackbird of me. It’s artistic, autistic, and BEautifully uniquely “me”. This is Card#One of Birdanity Deck#One titled “Take My Hand 🀚 & RUN πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒ β™ͺ( ´θ`)”

Secret? I made it when I was trying to figure out my heart conditioning. It’s when I was healing from the last heart break. It’s ARTfully weird?


“Take my hand 🀚 and run πŸƒ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ”

<Ka!Ka!πŸ¦… >

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She’s a lesbian?

She’s a lesbian?


People do strange things,

“Stranger danger” things like sending videos of their naked parts to wo/men like myself, with zero solicitation and at random intervals that make no sense. What gets real is when they do it repeatedly, even after a few friendly requests to stop.

Considering Roger was a “friend” from a few years ago, my only hope is that there is safety in friendships and even social media when I post that @rogerd327 or “Roger Davidson” is someone who keeps sending me naked pictures of himself. After making the cease and desist request, he called me a lesbian which literally made me laugh aloud.

I am “peace out!” and in, as they say here in California and I laugh it away too. That’s what we do everyday, isn’t it? Speak our mind, eat our soup and then laugh about it at the end of the day. No one meant anyone harm, or did they?

*sigh* What is even more alarming to me about Roger is that he now believes I am “the one who got away”, yet “my diary” is out here for the world to see and he has zero interest in reading my work. My sexuality is all out here, and it’s clear who I appreciate in my life because I write about those people.

Wait, does that mean I care about Roger too? Yeah, I still hope he finds a form of healthy elsewhere. What he wants to display to the world is his own expression. More power to him somewhere else.

It’s clear “my style”, the type of people with whom I prefer to spend my time, they are unique, and handsome in soul. With that in mind, whether I am lesbian or not is none of Roger’s bees wax unless he wants to dive into this wax at Birdanity.

~Steph Bird

p.s. There is an agape love here for a Scorpio, but she’s just One of many whom I accidentally killed with kindness. Mother may her, that was only after she started it when she was trying to kill me too. *sigh* another friend lost…

Diary of a Gender Fluid kid

Diary of a Gender Fluid kid


You write in your… Diary?

Where this scripture all began was a diary. These old expressions from the 80’s and early 90’s remind me that I’ve been writing to You my whole life. I’ve been believing in You for 37 years, and before I took my first breath my mother sang songs with me of your existence. You are in me, as I am in You, “Lord my God.”

What is different about today’s version of “my God” is that I feel like I have that god inside me, which is totally blas_famous and weird to state aloud. Just by writing this journal entry that I am allowed, I am publishing these sentences to the WWW to behold my conversations with? God.

Other people write about baseball or what their grandmother had for dinner last night or even how to cook that dish. Some people write about music and what that means to them. And some people write about God, straight up, like I do. They “love” God = like I do.

But what is this entry to God about again? Oh yeah, it’s an ode to the fact that I also wrote my name as “Stephan” back in 1987. My parents named me “Stephanie”, but back when I couldn’t spell very well, there was a “Stephan” behind that cursive “Stephanie”.

Anywho, here I am today, reading my old diary. Now, I do it as a gender fluid human being. I am whatever name you want to apply, I am “Stephan” and I am “Stephanie”.Β I am. Period.

~Stephan/ie Bird

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