Here i gOooo…

Creating things? I.t.s healing to me. It’s white and blackbird of me. It’s artistic, autistic, and BEautifully uniquely “me”. This is Card#One of Birdanity Deck#One titled “Take My Hand 🤚 & RUN 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 ♪( ´θ`)”

Secret? I made it when I was trying to figure out my heart conditioning. It’s when I was healing from the last heart break. It’s ARTfully weird?


“Take my hand 🤚 and run 🏃 🏃‍♀️”

<Ka!Ka!🦅 >

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I QUIT!? (Still, Let’s be still)


 Can I tell You one last story?

My guess is that it’s not going to be a pretty one this time because I need to tell you that,

I quit?

I quit!

The Native American in this melting pot feels like my soul is being stolen with these talking pictures and wires. This is a lot of hard work “being seen” here on this Earth, here on this web and when “I” look around me today and see all these pages of words, buttons, applications, inter-webs, outer-webs, systems to connect our webs and platforms of data to protect the walls of this data… all i really want in this life is to put down this number on my forehead and even this phone to be with the people i love.

To: Family, colleagues and friends, i want to sit around a camp fire with each and every One of You someday. Period. i want to get to know You like i’ve never known You before, and “i” want to be heard some too. Just for One moment after moment, i want to hear Your whole story and THEN? “I” will need to just be still. Together?

Just for a moment, can we be still?

Please, is this too much?…

One day soon?








~Stephanie Bird


(just for today?)
(just tomorrow?)
(when is good?)

(do you read me?)

(do you COPY?)

(10-4, this is Little Selah,

do you read me?

Over and out…)

(make a comment,

I dare You…j/k?

I don’t double DD dog




p.s. Do you QUIT?



“You,” a music hoarder?


Spark a fire in You,?

#me too: I listen to the most random display of music that you’ve ever seen. It’s 500+ songs of old school iTunes and a playlist of one button they named Shuffle. Perhaps I’ll get there where you Spotify-Jesus freaks live, but I’m not there yet and because I love the vibrations that I’ve already collected. I love like appreciate (and can sing to) every song as though it were a child and I’m not ready to let all these kids go from my library. I’m a music hoarder, if you will.

Speaking of music hoarder, I wanted to also tell you that I am a food hoarder too. As this single wo/man of One, I: 1) buy more groceries than I am able to eat, 2) I accidentally let it go to waste because I didn’t plan my days in sequential order perfectly, then 3) think of the starving children everywhere and 4) get really mad at #me too.

I get “mad” or “sad” because I still have these little ways in my musical and nutritional spectrum of wellness in life that are just so damn imperfect, especially when I live with monks who watch EVERY thing I do, say, and consume.

Seriously though, kid monks, I also still eat ice cream like it’s an occasional crack addiction and that’s just going to have to be OK until it isn’t.

Until I reach perfection and the perfect state of wellness,

I just wanted to report to the world

that I am perfectly?

Blissful, just like

You (even……

when I am


~Stephanie Bird:Test:20180409:19:02