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Sure, we will be attracted to other people. Always. That’s an absolute rule of life. Maturity, or growth, or awareness, or whatever you want to call it, has taught me that sexual desire is needed. Releasing expectation, it is the transition that occurs from fleeting uncertainty and the excitement of new love, to a feeling that is peaceful, and calm and serene. That form of peace has often been taught to us as being the death of connections, but I am 100% certain of seeking life and love.

Love is an immersion and a deeper love than we ever knew possible. It’s the transition from “I wanna hump your brains out” to “I want to learn how to make our heart feel safe and loved, as well as my own.” 

Partners ~>

We are each other’s best : friend. We have each other’s back. We are solid. Everything else is figure-out-able. What emerges from beyond the storm of chemistry, is a deeper feeling of love, trust and understanding, that requires surrender in order to be enjoyed.


Stephan:ie B!rd

16-00027_Digital Cards Climate Change-v2