Day #8, i can tell you for SURE that i will see Rob!n tomorrow. Will You see a Rob!n tomorrow? “Stephan!e” will,

One of the funny things ! have learned about Rob!n’s life is that he receives money from “guys” that want to impress their girlfriend’s when they stop for a few seconds to show off. When i watch these things happen, i get a feeling i should be QUIET, then i don’t say a word. i look away, but i memorize the license plate number of the person who gave and send them blessings for a time.

The same “guy” i sent blessings to yesterday? Didn’t have a word to say to Rob!n today, and when he wasn’t sitting next to his girlfriend in that big ol’ truck he could roll away with. GUYS? Not a dime of time to say hello or help with Rob!n! Not a d!me!


Those are our days. Me observing Rob!n’s life as he observes mine and makes commentary in his scitzo jibberish. On Father’s Day, he stepped on my toes when he “jokingly” commented about being obedient. Weird, how that didn’t flow ~> with me, oBEdience?

oBEdience just doesn’t work ~> no one is Father Rob!n to me ~> or Father Steph ~> or Father ? ~> No one is a Father to me ~> and no One will be a Father to me again for LIFE! Sorry, Dad, you don’t have to be Mozart either to be “my” Father,

DAD? Don’t be too proud to risk this ART. Don’t be too proud to SAY nothing. Don’t be too proud to produce MOZART’s work. Your fingers will just know where to go ~> Playing IT from the heart,

Hello New Day?

Hello New!


~>”Stephan!e” Mar!E B!rd




Walking with Rob!n,

i wonder whether he is God or whether i am following a lost road. Again and again, he reminds me to just listen to realize that neither of us is lost We are just two humans who wander and walk. Sure, I sing to him often during the day, listening to the tunes from a Cell for as long as the battery will last Us.

Flying like two Birds to Encinitas and back, we walk and wander, having no idea where we are going or where we will end. It’s pretty heavenly to learn to slow roll with this walk, his pace. Resting in the knowing that i can take it slow now = ?sorta SLOW, !’ve always been sorta slow anyway…

64F9E859-8BAB-4C6F-8DDB-BB7B2CCE3677[and i’m almost 38? years old! is that enough slow? when is IT enough?!? When can i be done with all that counting!

[EXclamat!on po!nts? !’m not sure about those except always with quest!on marks? after sentences !nside brackets of data that mean noth!ng <~entered HERE]

WAS this ART:Love too?

Am i still love?


one of @least Two,


BD4B3250-31DB-447D-A2C2-DDFD4E60AFAFp.S. ! recogn!ze the last two paragraph$ only made sense to $um, but try to $um !T for a moment, take the leap~>yes? games, play games~>yes, $umT!me$<~Rob!nB!ird









of you may be following a particular story on here, and sum of you may be following this one lil’ Bird story as it unfolds. either way, thanks for the online encouragement in whatever way suits You. your positive thoughts, prayers, energy and/or comments here are encouraged.

also please feel free to take of this BirdAnitY art and educational content what You will, then make it your own and in whatever ways please You today or someDay when that feels Write,


today, i felt sorta ashamed to think that i may have disappointed Rob!n when i wasn’t able to show up this morning to get the sleeping bag. that meant he had to push it on his cart today. God, sorry man? i needed to stay home today..

this morning? i ahd trouble getting out of bed. it was my own fault really? and for having those dang thoughts that led to another angry infection that needs to work itself out. it will, and i’m drinking plenty of fluids, taking supplements, and trying some new things to see myself through what’s what. tomorrow, i see ‘nick the shaman’ again.

7EA2923F-D584-4259-9C26-F8ED3AD6CAABackaDemic ART

i also recognize that i misspell things here ONtheLine, but when i watch Rob!n make art, i realize i need to be misspelling A LOT of sh!t OFFtheLine to make some sense of the world, to help me/him make sense of IT, and saying words like fU.K. in my writing is what we need. also, whY does Rob!n need to spell things like i spell them APA style and academically? That’s just rude to say what is “correct” when i’m not ALWAYS the teacher,

Graceful MEALS

image-3TOnight, i had a bit of a run-in with Rob!n at dinnertime. After i made us a meal and brought it to him, he wouldn’t sit down with me until everyone was settled and graceful in his home, including Sky. i had a little mini-fit since i cooked, and i’m not use to eating with Sky in the face space. still, Rob!n is write, Sky eats <with Us> too and we will eat when we feel and act with GRACE for all BEings.

Rob!n also gave me some space ~> a lot OF space <~ today to get my head clear and focused on codependent : independency. every day that i interact with him and his colleagues, i realize more lessons about life. and infinitely more than i could ever learn in a 365-page book. it’s almost hurting me to understand Rob!n’s hurts, but damn IT ~> WE both need to be understood, and i will understand this “homeless” fear if IT kills me,

IMG_5121Adoptive BOYS

On a final researcher’s note for my third day, Rob!n gave me this Led Zeppelin t-shirt on Monday. As cool as everyone else seems to believe IT is, I’ve been wearing it everyday since and because it’s Rob!n’s for now. Whoever owns it next, I love the angel and symbolism here and hope you do too for a time,

Rob!n is also the first person who has ever given me men’s clothing as a gift upon arrival. He also happened to have the perfect size men’s cargo shorts for me, and in three different colors of khaki. How did he know? Weird, and in it’s own write, it’s also odd to say that Rob!n may be <at least> One of my adoptive parents.


Steph Bird

p.S. at sunset tonight, i also met Allison at Pier 16? and that wo:man was incredible to talk with. her story isn’t mine to tell tonight, but maybe someday soon when she isn’t Allison in these stories. or whatever.

regardless, i asked if she was OK with pictures, and she approved. With that in mind, i would highly recommend smiling at her picture, then sending ALLison lots of warm, healing love and energy~>to: ALLison & all my fluid-bound friends on the beach,





CopyWriteIT, i say,

ART? Write your own, or You can have all of this ~>ITechnologY. When/if BirdAnitY is all gone, I will make up a new word and better yet, a symbol like Prince~>$S. The beauty of any work we do is that we can do IT again and again and again and again: to,morrow? TOMorrow, and will You LOVE <me> again tomorrow?

To be honest <~before i go on, i want to pivot slightly and put out a UNIVERSAL health notice HERE about using less disposable products <or not>. No pressure truly, but look around. If you see a piece of trash, pick it up <if you are annoyed> and ask yourself how long it will take to <decompose>. Then ask yourself how long it would take to >wash and give it away<. Find <some use for IT>, or >pickUPtrash<.

NOW that’s off my chest ~> Tomorrow is when I will be seeing Rob!n again. T0:Morrow is also when we are going to figure out the route and possibly a train schedule to get from Cardiff to North Park <CA> on Thursday to see a shaman >”Nick Strongbear”<.


True story, I’ve been seeing shaman Nick ON/OFF for several months now and just a few weeks ago he wrote,

“You have been healed of all afflictions and wounds that you have carried in all states of being. You are blessed!” ~Nick Strongbear

When Nick write<s> things like this, i cry to read them because it’s Nick’s ART. Often I cry when i see Nick, and not just because a silly yogi who referred me to him also said, “get some help, and I’m not IT!” i also cry because i have been crying around people like Nick my whole life. Also, i have been crying my whole life, so no offense to Nick that i laughing meditate around people. ITs SO weird!



Regarding Day#Two with Rob!n, today he drew me the picture above. I gave it a name. THis was the first word that came to mind when i was adding the digital identification of Rob!n;s work today, so I’m not sure it’s write, but i gave it the old college TrY.

We spent a lot of time here in Cardiff in Glen Park working on ART. Rob!n mostly worked on art in his head while he talked, and i did it with colored pencils, markers, stickers, and fingers when i digitally painted some words on there and posted that sh!t on Instagram. That also got done while Rob!n slept in the cool shade under a tree on a sleeping bag we co-own.

Rob!n? He’s probably the best colleague I’ve had in the last 72 hours. We can argue about stuff, move on within minutes and let it go. Continuing to HOLD out hope that other people will understand, then leave us alOne and/or be kind.

Leos…Us fire signs often feel a bit like a male wild animal (lion) of sorts, watching over the pride while it needs afternoon naps. Making it again, another perfect day to be working with Rob!n on Day#Two of whatever this is called<a Self-induced SABATICAL?!?>








Wandering with these fluid words as I wandered by body today, when you reach a state of enLIGHTenment, you will be home~less? Depends, but keep using that word “less” and quoting people like Oprah or Eckart, that’s exactly where You are headed.

Either way <U R HERE>, we are in this together so pack LIGHT and get prepared to feng shit your “house” with some essential oils. The adventure is wonderful, and the map to locating wild life already confirms you’re Here in that beautiful mind.

Sum people tell me that I have a beautiful mind, and I confess that’s true half the time. The other half, it’s observing fear from whatever eye that third one is called, then observing it’s own analysis of write/wrong that pushes One into beauty and/or beast.

My final half confession of the day is to report that I feel more often like a beast in that equation, wild and mostly fluid with word after wordY word. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I try to make sure to release the messenger to heal again. It’s not easy.


Rob!n’s Story?

Included waking up and meeting Rob!n at dawn. I’m not sure what I expected, so I packed up a few more things than we needed, picked up Sky’s wagging tail, then wandered to Rob!n’s lair. I was grateful to see it was perfect timing as he had just woken and was clearing the energy in his space.

*sigh* man, seriously, I wish You could have seen my day…but, I guess You were there!

Someday soon, I’m going to write about my days with Rob!n and there’s definitely a really peaceful story. Dusk to sunset on this Monday, Rob!n slept a lot and it seems he needs a lot of naps right now. Serving him and observing him is a heart-felt pleasure. He feels the same way.

All that aside, I have decided to try and adjust my habit of using the word “homeless”. After today and what could have been one of the “best days of my life”, the label of Rob!n with “less” just seems stranger than fiction. We are +/~ = Rob!n and I, and he doesn’t think or feel any less at home.


If anyone knows a number I can call other than the VA to find support [from Camp Pendleton?] for a well-spoken former Veteran who served in the USMC, and possibly a fighter pilot?

On Rob!n’s behalf, I tried calling several numbers with the VA and needless to say, we didn’t get far. Oddly enough, the gentleman on the phone had me on hold for nearly 20 minutes, but didn’t do a lick of research after asking for the SSN. Tomorrow, Rob!n wants to call Camp Pendleton because he believes they have his ID and “stuff” [whatever that is].

Glad to google it in the morning too. To0morrow? Today is going to be another “best day ever” day when we find the next military step or dream to believe on a <Tuesday?>



<~>pre-mediTation <~>
<~>pre-mediAtion <~>
<~>Pre-mediCated <~>
<~>Pre-mediated <~>