It’s Taxing to be humanS today…

I am not an Art/ist today, they say…but, I hate when this art waits until the last minute to do something that I hate. It’s taxing me to hate when I write, and I hate to write when I really need to be “doing my taxes” to identify my other work and this Birdanity as non-profit writing by day or night. It’s required of me, they say and my society needs me to pay or be paid today for my time when I am not a super-hero, like today when…

It’s time to step up to the plate

or see what’s in the plate,

so to speak.

I work all day too, a “farmer’s daughter” and a “white collar” or “blue collar” “hard worker” just like you, but do I owe the non-church state, or does that non-church owe me? Do I owe the government, or does the government own me? What was on that WWW-form? Does the government owe me squat, probably not?

I dunno, they would say my taxes account for my freedom, for my government, for my rights, for my right to write, so it’s time to fly and really account for my taxes this season and the next and the next until? One season after another when they first assigned me a ###-##-#### and a name, they say they owned me back then and today, it’s taxing to be human.

I am a Bird, but I need to be human today with a name and a #########

I gotta get it together to write my taxes…

It’s time to step up to the altar

and see what’s in that Bird plate,

so to speak.

I am.. EASY does it…

Stop laughing…

I promise,

I’m not mad

about paying Taxes

to: men with Trump


I gotta get it together…

It’s time to step up to the altar

and see what’s in the plate,

so to speak.

~Steph Bird

~Steph Bird

~”Stephanie Bird”

your friend,

your little sister,

your little brother,

your ___love?___,