Wandering with these fluid words as I wandered by body today, when you reach a state of enLIGHTenment, you will be home~less? Depends, but keep using that word “less” and quoting people like Oprah or Eckart, that’s exactly where You are headed.

Either way <U R HERE>, we are in this together so pack LIGHT and get prepared to feng shit your “house” with some essential oils. The adventure is wonderful, and the map to locating wild life already confirms you’re Here in that beautiful mind.

Sum people tell me that I have a beautiful mind, and I confess that’s true half the time. The other half, it’s observing fear from whatever eye that third one is called, then observing it’s own analysis of write/wrong that pushes One into beauty and/or beast.

My final half confession of the day is to report that I feel more often like a beast in that equation, wild and mostly fluid with word after wordY word. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I try to make sure to release the messenger to heal again. It’s not easy.


Rob!n’s Story?

Included waking up and meeting Rob!n at dawn. I’m not sure what I expected, so I packed up a few more things than we needed, picked up Sky’s wagging tail, then wandered to Rob!n’s lair. I was grateful to see it was perfect timing as he had just woken and was clearing the energy in his space.

*sigh* man, seriously, I wish You could have seen my day…but, I guess You were there!

Someday soon, I’m going to write about my days with Rob!n and there’s definitely a really peaceful story. Dusk to sunset on this Monday, Rob!n slept a lot and it seems he needs a lot of naps right now. Serving him and observing him is a heart-felt pleasure. He feels the same way.

All that aside, I have decided to try and adjust my habit of using the word “homeless”. After today and what could have been one of the “best days of my life”, the label of Rob!n with “less” just seems stranger than fiction. We are +/~ =┬áRob!n and I, and he doesn’t think or feel any less at home.


If anyone knows a number I can call other than the VA to find support [from Camp Pendleton?] for a well-spoken former Veteran who served in the USMC, and possibly a fighter pilot?

On Rob!n’s behalf, I tried calling several numbers with the VA and needless to say, we didn’t get far. Oddly enough, the gentleman on the phone had me on hold for nearly 20 minutes, but didn’t do a lick of research after asking for the SSN. Tomorrow, Rob!n wants to call Camp Pendleton because he believes they have his ID and “stuff” [whatever that is].

Glad to google it in the morning too. To0morrow? Today is going to be another “best day ever” day when we find the next military step or dream to believe on a <Tuesday?>



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