iNeed a Sister’s Voice

I Hear A Sister’s Voice nearly every time I speak Listening quietly patiently¬†to hear sounds of feeling sounds of being Whole Even if He doesn’t remember or even love, they hear Her voice too when they Sing. I feel Her TOO DEEPLY and it’s a wonderful illusion. Most days for This Bird on Earth wHERE […]

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If you follow this flock of Birds you will go no further than this Bird can fly. But if you find your own flight, you will find yourself in places this Bird has been before again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Again? yes, ~ (and no […]

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when i look into His eyes i see a reflection of a human who trusts me and that’s our eye gaze One of trust the eyes of a Man i want to know and remember from our beginning to the very end

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When I look around California I think, “surely there must be enough to go around?” But..the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency wants to know why I can’t respond to legal letters after they requested legal statements. They also want to understand why I don’t have an income, why I can’t pay […]

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I wrote a book yesterday. I wrote a whole hole-in-One and 18 chapter book, then called it The Art of Touching. And my partner wants to call it Touchtastic! Touch and Touch Training because he thinks my teaching and touch is wonderful because I’m short and to the point. But he’s my partner and he’s […]

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Showering@night: May the work that I do every Single day&today be the work I released from this heart, soul and mind(s) even as I shower in the surfy surfy near seaweed gravel in leucuadiArt or wherever the heavens this is that I wandered to: next? the land of milk & Honey? ~ Cheers to: forgetting […]

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Be a Teacher.. BUT, don’t ASK the STUDENTS¬†you love to learn to give financial help, because very few $tudents show up to give pay back! And teachers? We want to BE: done asking anyone for anymore financial HELP! when as Teachers we are all TIRED of Teaching “students” to give back ! .. #metoo  

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queer FriendS? First, I want to hug you Then I want to take a walk with You. when we get there? I don’t really need to know where we were going. I’m just glad You came Out.

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