You Keep Going

I dream of being that boy. Ya know, the girl without this weight on my chest as I wake in the morning. Dad use to say that these feelings would always pass. He was usually write. What doesn’t pass are these etched memories of being a boy that rises again, ever present. Mourning the dreams […]

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A Captured Audience

I had no idea that a heart attack could be so devastating. Will went into Scripps Memorial Hospital one morning for what we supposed would be a routine surgery (cancer, if you must know). He has no recollection of what happened in the next few hours and days. When Will regained his senses, he was […]

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Courses for Sand

A human’s vainest yearning is the wish to be remembered long after we are gone: to leave behind us on Earth some marker that will remind our descendants, into eternity, that we passed this way. Actually, most of us can’t expect to be remembered beyond the third or fourth generation; and not even then, unless […]

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Bird, The Backup Singer

Truth is that this Bird barely leaves the cage.┬áThere are all sorts of reasons for this voluntary solitary confinement to this Cloud, none of which that would suffice as THE perfect excuse. During a Beacon’s light in the morning I may be found with musical mouse ears, dancing and singing on the beach. In the […]

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Versioning ScientistS

in HavenS When i was a kid, i learned to use an eraser for the graphics i didn’t appreciate, and as an adult i am learning to stop using that eraser. i am learning to leave all the bad in with the good! i am learning that it was all relevant and that sUmday I.T. […]

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Assass iNation

Ass-Ass-iNation?!? I do it everyday as I walk down the street, but only on accident.. Sew do you, UgrumpY Reaper. With Presence I am learning to appreciate the handsome lives of every national President, including Trump with his double D’s. Still, I have zero interest in voting for another masculine-acting leader who expresses His plans […]

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