Crazy is Fro.Zen

Crazy is asking FroZen friends for a roll of TP. Even as we keep observing the shit that comes out and in to our TPs. Crazy is all those fucking religious books. All that were pretty clear, GOD Doesn’t WANT or NEED any name. Nor another shitty book written about God. Crazy is waking up […]

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Toiling for TP

Suffering thing about learning to go without is actually going without. Going, it’s still too often that I wonder where the next roll of toilet paper is coming from. Wait, who do I need to ask for more cotton on a stick? Eh, oh well. TP shows up. Shit, it always shows up. Becoming an […]

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You Keep Going

  I dream of being that kid. Ya know, the girl without this weight on the chest as I wake in the morning with a me inside another me. Dad use to say that these feelings would always pass. He was usually write. What doesn’t pass are these etched memories of being a boy that […]

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A Captured Audience

I had no idea that a heart attack could be so devastating. He went into Scripps Memorial Hospital one morning for what we supposed would be a routine surgery (cancer, if you must know). Will has no recollection of what happened in the next few hours and days. When he regained his senses, he was […]

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A Grain of Sand

A human’s vainest yearning is our wish to be remembered long after we are gone: to leave behind us on Earth some marker that will remind our descendants, into eternity, that we passed this way. Actually, most of us can’t expect to be remembered beyond the third or fourth generation; and not even then, unless […]

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How to Stroke Keys

I can’t even remember all the KEY strokes I made to find a space where I make keys. Nor the coding and the deprogramming for how it works, but I do! I offer a way to HEAVEN and I was created to create keys to that door. The exact ways or the personal path that […]

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Trans Forming

Current national events have broken something open inside. The lines are being drawn and my feathers land on the left of those right-winged birds. In my own body the pendulum has swung wide, from deep grief to galvanized anger to internal pain. Today, I’m back to the center of peace in the knowing that everything […]

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