Showering@night: May the work that I do every Single day&today be the work I released from this heart, soul and mind(s) even as I shower in the surfy surfy near seaweed gravel in leucuadiArt or wherever the heavens this is that I wandered to: next? the land of milk & Honey? ~ Cheers to: forgetting […]

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Be a Teacher.. BUT, don’t ASK the STUDENTS you love to learn to give financial help, because very few $tudents show up to give pay back! And teachers? We want to BE: done asking anyone for anymore financial HELP! when as Teachers we are all TIRED of Teaching “students” to give back ! .. #metoo  

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queer FriendS? First, I want to hug you Then I want to take a walk with You. when we get there? I don’t really need to know where we were going. I’m just glad You came Out.

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Murder, SHe wrote!

Murder Murder, murder SHe wrote! but how do you think SHe ever wrote about murder without experiencing it herself with family and friend again and again life after beautiful life (this is #8) SHe got emotional, even as they murdered her softly in their minds. ~ It was MURDER? or a mystery! <LOL>

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proFoundly Getting Up

proFoundly Getting Up SHe got up one morning around friends and said some things and then found a sum of things to look forward to and SHe reminded herself everyday that SHe was someone to look forward to coming home to and that had nothing to do with sex or her sex and EVERYTHING to […]

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Dark ARTs

SUM people tell me I’m a strangeR Bird to watch than most but there has to be a place for these DARK ARTs to go and a Bird’s eXpressionS have to go somewhere LeucadiArt, this is where iBOOM! and i am unsure who’s write anymore But GO UP! On the roof @night In this city […]

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Bills To: Live By

To:Life Medical bills keep rolling in. And I’m so deep in debt, I can’t keep my head StraighT. And that’s just the way it is around here where I need: NOTHING from you, but to simply die with peace of mind. That I told you I was hurting too: and I tried to love you […]

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MY Calling

Hi. This is me calling. How are you? Whoever said every conversation needed to be of “Good Report” from a Teacher who is calling was wrong. I get to write be right, in fact, about time. And how it wasn’t well spent on thinking about father figures anymore. That’s the lesson today from this Teacher. STOP THINKING […]

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