“..Cursors will abound and the love of many shall wax cold. But s:he that shall endure unto The End shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall The End come.” Matthew 24:12-14 Magic Cursors More than ever, I […]

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Meditation on the Road

We all know that a meditation studio or yoga mat isn’t required to take our meditation and yoga practice with us! Here are some helpful ways to stay inspired and committed to being the best version of yourself even when you’re away from the training studio.

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Our bodies are an awesome instrument, fine-tuned to detect the tiniest of sensations. Like a weightless fly that lands on your arm, we are filled with so many distractions. A mind can be full of busy thoughts, so it’s important we spend time feeding those senses by enjoying life’s little indulgences and getting out of our heads and back into your body- and fully enjoy your life, whatever the season.

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Leveling Up

Trust? Looking back at this life, there are few people whom I completely trust. People might say the lack of quantity is bad or a fault, but if “fault” were a case in court, God knows I am just as zen as the next wo:man. Even the untrustworthy spirits who aren’t so “spiritual”. In fact, I’ve been […]

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Myself that I crucify…

What is “wrong” with me? God, it’s a double-dose of crying today. Which is weird, because I thought I had it all down. Instead, I threw it all away again. All I had to do was wait and be patient. All I had to do was be quiet and docile and meek, and if only […]

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I had this whole story to tell you this morning, but I suppose the real reason that I write to you all is grace. I am looking for grace from everyone who reads this work. I even want compassion and love for my own story. That’s the simple truth, except I don’t want to tell stories anymore to receive that grace and I don’t want to beg. I just want that feeling to run through you unconditionally when we meet again, if we do..

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I’m just going to have to learn to accept that my blood sisters, people I thought that I could love for life…well, they just aren’t the sisters that I trust today. Instead, one of my sisters is “B” who has been one of my “Best” friends since I moved to this angelic city. Proud to say too that Bridget was in the San Diego City Beat today and is still finding queer joy over in City Heights. Go, B!

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