Creating each piece of art still feels an awful lot like observing the final ceremonies of Burning Man. Ya know, that last day when all that beautiful art goes up in flames? Writing and creating story after story here, I’ve read and studied each character – inside and out. Even burning with each character with […]

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Songs come in a whisper. A whisper to the Self. A whisper inside that keeps confirming these whispers are worth releasing. There is an art form in the whisper even. Whispering like this, You disappointment some days. Learning to love this whisper means appreciating the rejection You may feel today when others express their love […]

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The theme of this morning and nearly every joy-filled morning is simply to “get over yourself.” As an animal, get over yourself. Within the measures of a bird’s restraint. Getting over oneself may be done as quickly or as slowly as may be possible. Remembering those God-awful lessons too while doing so. Lessons about not […]

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Feeling restraint with your art isn’t always going to be easy. One of the most difficult things about feeling restrained is actually being restrained. Which I have been, as all humans may appreciate by the time they are able to read a sentences like this one. A memory that keeps surfacing lately is of “Frank,” […]

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