If you follow this flock of Birds you will go no further than this Bird can fly. But if you find your own flight, you will find yourself in places this Bird has been before again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Again? yes, ~ (and no […]

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BoyZe of Summer

BoyZe of Summer Nobody on the road Nobody on the beach I feel it in the air My summer’s Sun is out of reach Empty lake, empty street This Sun goes down, but not alone You drive by my house I don’t live there anymore But, I can still see you Your brown skin shining […]

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When I look around California I think, “surely there must be enough to go around?” But..the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency wants to know why I can’t respond to legal letters after they requested legal statements. They also want to understand why I don’t have an income, why I can’t pay […]

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Dark ARTs

SUM people tell me I’m a strangeR Bird to watch than most but there has to be a place for these DARK ARTs to go and a Bird’s eXpressionS have to go somewhere LeucadiArt, this is where iBOOM! and i am unsure who’s write anymore But GO UP! On the roof @night In this city […]

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Bills To: Live By

To:Life Medical bills keep rolling in. And I’m so deep in debt, I can’t keep my head StraighT. And that’s just the way it is around here where I need: NOTHING from you, but to simply die with peace of mind. That I told you I was hurting too: and I tried to love you […]

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Birds make messes in cages. Domesticating the wild, they require a lot of patience, care, sensitivity and appreciation. Gratitude, especially, for being so wild. But when a human is a Bird, that’s another story because domesticating the wild was expected of this Bird from the beginning. And I created this journal with Bird watchers in mind. […]

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CHAPTER Seven Singing

singing is a FEAT of transforming ENERGY What we expect from singers is quite remarkable. We expect them to stand in One place and, with a sense of grace and ease, emitting beautiful sounds full of energy and emotion, to transform Us to another place. THIS is much  HATEDER harder to do than One mihgt […]

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Meditative Singing

Go up on the roof @night in the City of the Soul. Let everyone climb their roofs and sing their notes! Sing loud! Sing loud! Sing loud! Sing loud! Sing loud! Sing loud! Bird Evotions – Singing meditation in Encinitas, CA on Tuesdays at 7pm or 19:00 ~> This meditation practice is for anyone wanting […]

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