If you follow this flock of Birds you will go no further than this Bird can fly. But if you find your own flight, you will find yourself in places this Bird has been before again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Again? yes, ~ (and no […]

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When I look around California I think, “surely there must be enough to go around?” But..the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency wants to know why I can’t respond to legal letters after they requested legal statements. They also want to understand why I don’t have an income, why I can’t pay […]

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FeATHER, God!?! is waiting ON U_2 REPEAL and REPENT_4 teaching_US the SINs of yOUR YOUth. Those BLACK BOOKs? ALLoTHEM! were WRONGs trying to: HARD to: be WRITE iAbout WO:MEN! Ze_R SICKoDeathS being CONtrolled and regulated and researched WITHlittle purpose when science isn0t being used WISELYet. IT STILL takeS_WAY TOO Long to reach the p00r and […]

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FeATHERs never sleep

FeatherS never sleep EVEry moment a healthier ink than IT was, and n0 different than s:he is. ~ S:He left markers like tHIS One to: identify Ze wayZ to find peace after flight ~ Leaving poem after page after page, like they were Psalms inside THEheart_O_God ~ S:He knew IT was allmost over IT was […]

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