A human’s vainest yearning is our wish to be remembered long after we are gone: to leave behind us on Earth some marker that will remind our descendants, into eternity, that we passed this way. Actually, most of us can’t expect to be remembered beyond the third or fourth generation; and not even then, unless […]

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Current national events have broken something open inside. The lines are being drawn and my feathers land square in the right rib. Slightly to the left of the heart that aches for Unity and peace. Here and now. In my own body the pendulum has swung wide, from deep grief to galvanized anger to internal […]

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Lustful Exhibits

There is no separation between USa.¬†Clicking in here to this web, there is still a Cloud of readers in a world filled with lustful exhibits. Though I make a little sense to some here in America, it’s the sum of international humans that seem to appreciate this quirky Bird the most in this cage called […]

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