when i look into His eyes i see a reflection of a human who trusts me and that’s our eye gaze One of trust the eyes of a Man i want to know and remember from our beginning to the very end

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When I look around California I think, “surely there must be enough to go around?” But..the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency wants to know why I can’t respond to legal letters after they requested legal statements. They also want to understand why I don’t have an income, why I can’t pay […]

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moon we have this BIG round house + the thing i wish any friend of mind would remember is that i thank god when i remember everyOne of You ~ sun

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Today’s focus is HEALING, which is laughably hard work. However overrated that Enlgish word may have become to #me too, I need it depserately, dislexicly and deeply. And today, I refuse to just give up without a flight that is all my own, yet not alone. It’s a flight that will be my fight to […]

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TRANS SENDING tHEir closed doors tHEy call(ed)┬áme A BIpolar LIGHT LAUGHing ANNA, GEL_ ICK! Ali @ME! <sNOT wITh (me)> OVERn OVERn beCAUSE i_am_TRUE! I.T.s BIpolar i am biPOLEr i am bY:Poler + i AM everY.ONE yoU FEAR non-BI-Coming + kNOWing BiTH SoDES Receiving MESSAGES from BOTH POLARITIES iHave ACCess to: EVERY Side of the COin. […]

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