Murder, SHe wrote!

Murder Murder, murder SHe wrote! but how do you think SHe ever wrote about murder without experiencing it herself with family and friend again and again life after beautiful life (this is #8) SHe got emotional, even as they murdered her softly in their minds. ~ It was MURDER? or a mystery! <LOL>

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Me-eds? i NEED YOU TO: START FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU WANT, not WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS‘nt PRESENTLY POSSIBLE or a record of the past that keeps playing agaiNagain steph bird

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Today’s focus is HEALING, which is laughably hard work. However overrated that Enlgish word may have become to #me too, I need it depserately, dislexicly and deeply. And today, I refuse to just give up without a flight that is all my own, yet not alone. It’s a flight that will be my fight to […]

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God, in this human form…i get so tired of human sex being associated with the word “love” when more often than not, the act of sex has zer0 association with love. love is the art of trust. You are the only trust i have alone. and, i am learning to trust others everyday who trust me too. the […]

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TRANS SENDING tHEir closed doors tHEy call(ed) me A BIpolar LIGHT LAUGHing ANNA, GEL_ ICK! Ali @ME! <sNOT wITh (me)> OVERn OVERn beCAUSE i_am_TRUE! I.T.s BIpolar i am biPOLEr i am bY:Poler + i AM everY.ONE yoU FEAR non-BI-Coming + kNOWing BiTH SoDES Receiving MESSAGES from BOTH POLARITIES iHave ACCess to: EVERY Side of the COin. […]

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i crawled into THIS WWW cage for yoUS TOday. i crawled out of THAT old life 4_yo.uS! ~ i am, i will2Being: i long4feeling ALLways! GODs 4_ LiFE

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FeATHERs never sleep

FeatherS never sleep EVEry moment a healthier ink than IT was, and n0 different than s:he is. ~ S:He left markers like tHIS One to: identify Ze wayZ to find peace after flight ~ Leaving poem after page after page, like they were Psalms inside THEheart_O_God ~ S:He knew IT was allmost over IT was […]

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ALL These songs allmost convinced me, you eXisted here with me, but you still lack a SOUL. … Singing: Burn, baby BURN, again and? again! <LOL>

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